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If you want to become a better cyclist but don’t always have the time to get out on the road, you’re going to have to use a wind trainer for indoor bike training. You are also going to need cycling workouts to keep you motivated and focused.

Cycle trainingReal Rides provides a great alternative to the usual regimented cycle trainer workout. The easy to understand prompts and simple gear changes make these the perfect training DVDs.

Ride in real time on some of North Americas great race courses and in some of the most beautiful places like Banff National Park in Canada and the Grand Canyon USA

You’ll forget you’re on a spin trainer as you push through these workouts.

We give you the opportunity to ride at your own pace or to follow the workouts that are designed to follow the topography of the road you are on.

Whether you’re on a wind trainer, stationary exercise bike or fitness bike you can get a great spin workout with our DVDs.

Don’t forget to try our new Real Running treadmill video workouts. A great way to keep up you run form on those cold winter nights and an easy way to get a brick workout in during those snow days.

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Penticton HD Widescreen

This is the same great Penticton work­out as before, just in HD widescreen.

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Over 5 hours of the Pen­tic­ton Bike Course. This great wind trainer bike workout has all the hills and all the climbs. If you can’t get to the course for train­ing you need this DVD. The first 30 km of this ride can really fool you. If you go out too hard you’re gonna suf­fer in the end.

This indoor workout starts on main street Penticton and follows the course as you spin past the beautiful Skaha Lake to McLean Creek Road and out to Oliver.

The Richter Pass comes up nice and early in the ride — about 65k.

The out-and-back can really take its toll. It can be as hot as 100 in this desert area of British Colum­bia, Canada, and this flat sec­tion of the course can really heat up on one of those days.

Off the out-and-back and head­ing for Yel­low Lakes. Don’t be shocked if you feel like you’re dead here.

The home stretch can be just as tough if you’re out on the course a lit­tle longer as the breeze tends to blow south in the after­noon giv­ing you a nasty head­wind for the ride back up Main Street.

Four DVD’s and five hours of rid­ing with gear­ing prompts and time clock. You’ll be able to ride the hard parts again and again!

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