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Training Days Cycling Workouts  

Calgary Chinook Half

Chi­nook Half half dis­tance race in Cal­gary Alberta, Canada. An amaz­ing indoor wind trainer bike work­out on pris­tine roads takes the rider from the out­skirts of Cal­gary into the foothills of the Rocky Moun­tains just out­side of Banff.

Moun­tain weather applies and you can ride through any­thing from high winds and rain, to high heat and humidity.

The Race takes place in July and is a great set-up for any long dis­tance race in the late summer.

There are some big hills on this course so be prepared!

Dewinton Hills

Dewinton Hills – Recently filmed in HD this 45 minute spin is on one of our favourite training routes Dewinton Hills HDin the foothills, which leads to the Rocky Mountains. It ends with a good climb and a fast cool down. If you’re looking for a good fast workout this is the one.

If your in the Calgary, Alberta area and need a quick workout within 10 minutes of the city, this is the one. Gradual climbs eventually take you into some of the steeper foothills. The last climb is a crusher so get ready.

Filmed now in 1080p

Road to Nepal

This is one killer wind trainer work­out. Located just out­side Cal­gary, Alberta, this hilly wind trainer bike work out fea­tures the Road to Nepal. This is the cyclists name for High­way 773. Twenty big hills out and back will keep you in and out of your seat for just over an hour and a half.

The incline on some of these climbs is gru­elling. You can choose your gear­ing or stand up on every hill with our friend Dave.
Either way, you’re gonna know you had a ride.

For a great train­ing day indoors pick up the Road to Nepal tread­mill run to get your brick in on those snowy win­ter days!


This beau­ti­ful Rocky Moun­tain ride starts just out­side of the small moun­tain town of Bragg Creek, Alberta.

There is very lit­tle warm-up before the road starts to climb into the hills that lead to the Bow Val­ley Pass inside the Banff National Park.

Hard rollers lead to the final climb that is a grinder but the view at the top is worth the effort.
Free range cat­tle can be a haz­ard for this sec­tion of road but it is not uncom­mon to see bear, dear, elk and moose cross­ing the highway.

This is a great 56 minute work­out and one you can ride again and again.

Grand Canyon

This great wind trainer bike­work out starts out from the small town of Grand Canyon and has more hills than you would imag­ine. With a brief stop to clear the park gates we travel to the South Rim and head east before turn­ing back along the rim to loop back to town.

We will hit points along the edge of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon that pro­vide a view, but just long enough to catch your breath!

We hope this 53 minute Cycle 180 video pro­vides you with an excep­tional work­out and another enjoy­able real ride expe­ri­ence from around the coun­try.


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