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Mix one serving (1/2 cup) Ironfuel with 6 oz. water thirty to forty-five minutes before exercise for a great source of energy and to fuel the brain! This will provide approximately 270 cal and 60 g of carbohydrate. For those who prefer a few more pre-workout calories, mix twice as much fuel to 6 oz water, or mix consistency as preferred by taste test.


Extended workouts/races

Mix 2 – 2 1/2 cups (approximately 1000-1350 calories) with 16 oz water for every two hours of exercise. After one hour has elapsed, consume intermittently during the course of the workout or race. *This may require the use of more than one water bottle depending on duration and preferred consistency. Don’t forget to hydrate!



To aid recovery, replenish glycogen stores and repair muscle tissue. As an excellent source of energy after workouts and races mix Ironfuel with your favourite frozen fruit for a great smoothie.


Important to note:

*Use this product as a food supplement. Do not use for weight reduction.

*Before starting any exercise program consult your health care professional.

*Not recommended for diabetes or hypoglycemic sufferers.