Leg Crusher – Apex Bike Workout

ApexHere at Real Rides we are just finishing up the leg crushing workout Apex.

This one hour cardio busting bike ride takes place on the access road to Apex ski resort in British Columbia, Canada.

A great way to get your hill repeats started for the up-coming season.

Release date: March 2014

Penticton Iron Distance

Real Rides Real Running Treadmill DVD

Clipboard01Skaha Road.
Just released the new Real Running Penticton treadmill video. Filmed along East Side Road going south on Skaha Lake this 1:11 minute HD video is a great work out and has amazing shots of the the route along the lake. If you taking the Challenge this year you can use it with the Penticton Iron distance  HD Spin video to make a brick workout on those days when you just can’t train out doors.

Penticton Shaha Treadmill run >>