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Penticton Treadmill Workout

The new Real Run­ning Pen­tic­ton tread­mill video. Filmed along East Side Road going south on Skaha Lake this 1:11 minute HD video is a great work out and has amaz­ing shots of the the route along the lake.
If you tak­ing the Chal­lenge this year you can use it with the Pen­tic­ton Spin HD Spin video to make a brick work­out on those days when you just can’t train out doors.

One hour and ten minutes.

The Road to Nepal (Treadmill Workout)

So, just like our wind trainer work­outs, the Real Run­ning tread­mill work­outs are just no frill, good hard work­outs. The Road to Nepal is our first in this series of runs we will be cre­at­ing from great run­ning routes from across the coun­try and your back yard.

This run can be used in tan­dem with our Road to Nepal spin video and these two videos make up one of our favorite brick work outs.

A 45 minute bike workout.